Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lent journey: PATH

"This is what the Lord says:

Stand at the crossroads and look; 
ask for the ancient paths,
 ask where the good way is, 
and walk in it, 
and you will find rest for your souls."
Jeremiah 6:16

Personal reflections:  Yesterday, I shared with my friend, Brenda, about the word/photographic journey for the 2015 Lenten season that I was participating in.  We talked about how I look forward to a new word each day and what God will share/reveal/teach me for that day.  I said tomorrow's word is PATH.  She shared what came to her mind and it fits for what is happening in her life right now.  I wondered what the Lord would share with me.  I had some "ideas" of my own, but told myself to keep my mind, heart and spirit open to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to me.  I have been helping Brenda's husband, Jim, weed a portion of their u-pick blueberry field for the past week or so and as I drove home, music to a song I knew I loved began to be bubble up inside of me.  I could hear the music, but couldn't pinpoint the song.  The words - "ancient paths.  lead us along eternal highways" kept repeating over and over in my mind, as if struggling to resurface once again.  I began to hum the one line.  This is so familiar....  I could hear the singer's voice (I know that voice) and then sang the one line. Where do I know this song from?

It was difficult to fall asleep last night, as the words and the tune were haunting me.  I must figure this out.  Lord, help me to know.  When I awoke, I knew: it is the African worship album; one of the most powerful, anointed and influential worship albums that fueled and inspired my faith journey for many years.  I listened to that cassette tape over and over and over and it must be here somewhere......  How will I ever find it to share on my Lenten post for today?  I typed in the words that had come to mind and it led me to a YouTube video and then a link to iTunes (where I purchased the album).   Tom Inglis' We Are One album recorded in 1993 in Africa.   I listened to the song again, after so many years, and the same powerful anointing washed over me and I immediately began to sing out and worship our amazing Lord.  

Thank You, Lord, for drawing me afresh into Your presence and opening my heart, mind and spirit to woo me back into that place of passion that I had for You.  May You fan the flames of my heart that my love for You would grow and grow; blessing me to bless others and enabling me to be a light in this world; drawing others to You through my life.  Amen and amen.

I often feel I know the path to walk on and remind myself that God's path is through the narrow gate onto His path, but what I've realized is how easily I can lose my way.  The path before me seems good and when I get off on a side path, it's not difficult to find my way back to the main path.  All good, right?  As God gently revealed this morning, sometimes we think we're on the right path and then we discover a path that is hidden; overgrown.  It will take work and effort to uncover and restore that path, but in the end it is the one path that will lead me to great reward. I am overwhelmed with God's amazing grace and love showered upon me this morning.  He is waiting to do the same for you.  What path are you on today?

I've included a link to that song below (if you'd like to hear it):  Show us the Ancient Paths (lyrics and Youtube below)

Blessings on your day!  May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you.  And know....You are LOVED!  

Lord we confess that we have wandered 
far from Your purpose and plan
and willingly walked in the wrong direction, 
we've disobeyed Your commands.
Father forgive us, Spirit come lead us, 
back to the way, back to the truth, 
back to the foot of the cross.

Show us the ancient paths.
Lead us along eternal highways.
We want to walk in the ways of Jesus.
We want to enter Your rest.
Show us the ancient path.
Lead us along eternal highways.
We want to follow the footsteps of Jesus.
We want to enter Your rest.

Lord it's Your mercy and good intentions
that constantly calls us to You.
Your infinite patience and kind correction,
Your coming in Love come in truth.
You are our Hope and our salvation.
You promised joy, You gave us grace
and courage to carry the cross.


We want to leave a clear set of footprints 
for those who will follow behind.
Signpost in our lives that point to Jesus; 
A pathway they'll easily find.
We want to fill up the sufferings of Jesus, 
as we obey, our lives display
the glorious way of the cross.


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