Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mariners' Baseball!

The boys bought tickets to last night's Mariners "Salute to Japanese Baseball" game vs the Orioles. Great seats - great game! Fun for all...

Blaine with his Japanese "giveaway" baseball hat, Bento box and "overpriced" lemonade!

Yummy! (for him)

I'll stick to lemonade and kettle corn...

It's Me!

Enjoying the game!

Japanese drummers/dancers that performed...

A quick picture of us!

Benjamin and Nicholas walked across the stadium and then tried to 'find us'...

Nicholas enjoying his "space" ice cream...


  1. Looks like fun! I just love summer!


  2. MY "busy" pales in comparison. Your project list is awesome! Chickens, huh?

    I like it that you still take time to recreate. The ballgame looks like fun.

    I'll certainly understand if your summer blogging is "spotty". I'm sure there might be medical reasons for your lack of energy - but I'm thinkin' - "No WONDER she's tired!" :)


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