Monday, August 1, 2011

Nosy Neighbor Virtual Garden Tour

Hilltop view of our edible garden!

Our berry "wall" is along the fence line. Boysenberry, Black raspberry, Meeker raspberry, Anne golden raspberry, Black Pearl Blackberry and Marionberry (to be planted for next season). We have a rhubarb bed (2 plants) and 2 dedicated strawberry beds plus an asparagus bed. In addition, we have 5 rotating veggie/herb beds - with plans for 3 more in the backyard.

Erica at Northwest Edible Life thought it would be fun to host a virtual homestead/garden tour, so we could share with others and see what others are doing too. What fun! Make sure you stop by Erica's place to see all the gardens on this tour.

We purchased our home 5 years ago and there were more than 100 rose plants (and an assortment of other plants/shrubs) in the yard, which were chemically grown; roses sprayed every 3, 5, 7 and 14 days (yes, 4 different chemicals). Well, the roses are gone (I'm a daisy, country-lovin' girl), we've been working to bring healthy (organic) life to our soil and we're slowly building an urban homestead! It's a really busy time for us right now. Thanks for taking time to stop by...

Mid-summer is a busy harvest time in the garden

Hanging our first crop of hard-neck garlic in the garage

Yay! Now to let them cure for a few weeks.

With the cooler temps in Seattle this year, we decided to plant the tomatoes in containers and place them on the south side of our house; which is our driveway. Every little bit of extra heat will help them ripen.

Brussel sprouts! Come November, we will be eating these.

Our broccoli has struggled this year - maybe I crowded these guys though.
Grew awesome cabbage right next to them...

Each summer, I manage to work by "moonlight" at least once...

Well, it was a new moon on Friday evening, so no moonlight - but Blaine and I prevailed in raising one of the strawberry beds until 11:30 pm (and we are so very thankful for flashlights and outside lighting)...

Carrots have been slow for us this year...

This little bird is residing in our garden now...
He or she is injured, is getting stronger and seems to enjoy rehab at our place.
Even the neighbor's cats are letting him be.


Saturday evening harvest

Invicta gooseberries

Made the best pie ever with these!

Blaine and I both have low back problems and we decided the strawberry beds had to be raised 12 inches, so we could kneel next to the beds to weed and harvest berries!

Yes, Blaine really did measure out each planting spot!

Replanting one of our strawberry beds.

Harvesting golden beets for Sunday dinner


Another recent harvest... So thankful!

Favorite find for the garden this summer!

Darby and Phoebe Huffman - Pottery

Some Sundays you can find Darby at the Ballard Farmer's Market

Bush beans are producing!

Spanish lavender ~ so pretty!


Spaghetti squash

Asparagus ferns with Brussel sprouts in the background...

With our cool, wet spring into summer ~ we are so thankful our pole green beans are blooming!

Sunday project completed!

Anne golden raspberry.

Yes, you will be amazed at the taste and then you'll want to plant a few canes in your own garden...

Blueberries, Alaskan cranberry and gooseberries

Front yard needs MUCH rehab still... one day it will be an edible garden area.

Sunshine Blueberry

Still waiting for them to ripen

Misty Blueberry

Harvest has begun

Rosemary (my favorite), summery savory and sage

We make Christmas goodies to share with all our neighbors and this spring, a neighbor shared her Dahlia's with us! Delightful and a precious gift in our garden...

Nasturtium and squash blossom

Pole green beans on trellis pole

Green bean blossoms

Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea

Close-up! Love these little blossoms

Sugar snap peas on a chicken wire trellis

Space in the right corner of the picture will be planted with a marionberry next spring.
View of both strawberry beds, raised 12 inches...

The hillside we're still taming. Planted red osier dogwoods and creeping thyme.
Much to do still - including removing the locust trees.

Once the locust trees are down and these stumps removed, we can begin work on the garden shed, greenhouse, chicken coop and orchard.

Our garden plans are ever-changing. We aren't planting a fall/winter garden, as we've decided to raise the vegetable beds up another 6 inches - so we'll green manure the beds with crimson clover, continue to work on grass removal of the garden paths (and plant more low growing clover mix from Peaceful Valley), and hopefully, make a little more progress on expanding next year's garden.

Thanks for stopping by our garden!


  1. I love this post! I love seeing all your (and some of mine) hard work.

  2. I love that we work together in our garden...

  3. Would love to live closer and sit and chat in your delightful array of greenery..must be so therapeutic for you to see all your hard work blossoming or growing into awesome creations!
    Lynette - Adelaide SA


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