Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter brunch!

Mom and Dad joined us at church for the 9:30 service today. It was great to have them there for Easter Sunday ~ though I'd love to have them join us regularly! This year, we decided to have brunch following church (instead of a big Easter dinner). We headed back to our house and enjoyed omelettes, bacon, sausage, and a variety of muffins plus country potatoes. Everyone decided this was a nice way to celebrate Easter and we should make it our new tradition! It was great as we had the afternoon/evening to just relax...

Benjamin had the first omelette, as he had to work at 2:00 pm. The look on my Mom's face is how she looks at my Dad quite often... (The one that says ~ not too many sweets, don't eat too much, etc) Funny, I got a picture of it!

Nicholas ~ he loves his coffee!

Definitely a casual meal...

Mom and me!

The omelette chef (and a very good one too)!

Coco loves Grandma and Grandpa
(and often lays at my Dad's feet)!

Looks like a serious conversation...

We had an enjoyable morning/early afternoon together despite the very rainy conditions on this Easter Sunday!
Thank you Lord for our family!

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