Monday, April 27, 2009

Benjamin's recital

The reception room set up with lots of delicious dessert foods...

It fills my heart with joy to see him play ~ every time...

Playing with a special friend, Rose. She has amazing violin talent!

Great picture!

Kirstin singing with Benjamin

Loved all her expressions throughout the song!

The Hindemith...

(It was so incredibly hot in the church by this time ~ I was in the audience and getting dizzy, so I have no idea how Benjamin kept it together...)

Good turn out at the reception.

Always a pleasure to get to chat with Benjamin's original band director, Robin ~she got him started on French horn! :)

An adorable couple ~ Benjamin and Kirstin!


  1. I love recitals. Looks like you enjoyed yourself.

  2. Pity I can't hear it! I'd love to hear Benjamin playing while Kirsten sings. They are such a lovely couple!


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