Sunday, August 3, 2008

A new garden tool!

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with Blaine that I was really challenged trying to work outside for long lengths of time as the heat from the sun was really bothering me. I "borrowed" this idea from watching a neighbor work outside... So, Blaine and I spent several hours searching for a market umbrella that I could move around the yard as I worked. After driving around Seattle, we found my new umbrella at Fred Meyer (a few blocks from home)!

It works great and has really helped me make progress ~ well, when I'm not side-tracked working on a house project! :)


  1. Lovely that you have a shady area to work in. I just don't know how you manage so many projects!

  2. I was making good progress on the new garden area ~ Blaine and I were even talking about the lumber we'll need to make the raised beds and where to have good soil delivered from... only to get side-tracked to work on another important project!

    Now, I really want to get back outside ~ but I've got to finish the inside project... :)


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