Thursday, January 5, 2017

Steps of Faith

Yesterday, I took a scary and fear-filled step, for me, in my autoimmune journey, and shared specifics about my illness with our children and my Mom. It's alot of information to take in and as overwhelming as it was for me to write, I know it's overwhelming for each of them to read...  I was tempted to quit numerous times throughout the day and not send anything to them.  I could keep things to myself, as I always have.  BUT, I knew that Jesus did not want me to stay trapped in my self-imposed prison regarding my health any longer, nor for my husband to be either.  SO, I took that scary step of faith, trusted Him, shared alot of words and a very long chronic health journey, the new revelation that I have autoimmune diseases, the reality of what's going on in my body and I let go!  

Who knew I would experience a really heavy weight lifted from my shoulders? I don't have to hide any more.  I don't have to pretend I feel fine.  Goodbye fear.  I can be the real me, focus on healing my body and live a new life. Starting today.  

And, blown away by these divine encouragements that greeted me this morning. I rejoiced. I gave thanks the Lord is with me and He is encouraging me in the first day of this new beginning of the rest of my life!  I am so incredibly blessed and have a full heart of gratitude.  

I pray each of you find the answer for your path to Hope, Healing and Wholeness.  Jesus is still mine.

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