Thursday, May 30, 2013

Isaiah 58 ~ a prayer reflecting my studies

May our hearts be a Christ like fragrance
rising up to God.
May we spread the knowledge of Christ everywhere
like a sweet perfume.
Let it lavish the hungry with abundance,
And touch the grieving with compassion.
Let it bless the oppressed with justice,
And release the bondage of the prisoners.
Let it anoint the sick with healing,
And bring joy to those who doubt.
So that the fragrance of Christ wafts throughout the world
Bringing refreshment, renewal and new life.

This prayer was posted today by Christine Sine at Light for the Journey on Facebook.  She blesses my spirit often with her anointed  prayers.  Click on the photo above to visit her blog site:  Godspace.  I visit often and receive ongoing encouragement as well as continually learn and grow in my faith.  

Thank you, Lord, for Christine and others who are vessels through whom You speak.  

So glad you stopped by to visit my blog.  Blessings upon your day.

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