Thursday, July 12, 2012

Which came first...

...the chicken or the egg?

Well, at our little urban farm in the Seattle area ~ it was definitely the chicken, but now the eggs are starting to arrive!

Day 2 and we have a second egg laid.  And because I was out working in the garden, I was able to discover who our layer is:  BO PEEP!  

So the story goes ~ I was out working in the garden and had let the chickens out to roam..., but Bo Peep went back into the henhouse and we could all hear her scratching about.  The other chickens didn't care and went back to their own activities.  A short time later, Bo Peep emerged and I checked the nesting boxes.  One box definitely had been made into a "nest" bowl, but no egg.

I went inside to get something and when I returned outside, I discovered Bo Peep up on the rim of a bucket.  Now, she had never done this before and it made me wonder...  Was she trying to find a place to lay an egg?  After we exchanged looks with one another and she insisted she wanted to stay on the bucket, I removed her and carried her back to the henhouse.  

She came out again, was making chirping sing-songie noises and kept rushing about the yard looking here and there and here again...  We repeated the being carried back to the henhouse a few times.  Finally, she remained in the henhouse for a short time and when she came out ~ she rejoined the others chickens, was scratching and pecking again and eating strawberries.  So.... I went in and checked the nesting boxes and, indeed, discovered she'd laid her second egg!

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