Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scenes from my garden this week...

It is a little miracle each time I discover an egg in the nesting box.

...and I pause to give thanks to God for His provision and thanks for the hen who labored to lay it.

Thank you Bo Peep for all your hard work and effort!

Huge kohlrabi!

Truly huge! (Same kohlrabi that is pictured above)

I've still got several more this size in the garden...

Sliced kohlrabi makes a tasty hamburger bun, especially when you've got your own pickles too. (Had a little smoked goat cheese in there too.) 

Sussy is such a busy "bug hunting" girl.

Under the black raspberries is her favorite spot right now.

The girls working in the recently trimmed up strawberry bed.

The view I see when I "tuck" the girls in each night...

Keeping an eye on their Chicken Mama working up on the hill.

Good thing Sussy is such a good digger...

Girls all nestled down in their dirt bath holes for a cool afternoon siesta!

First green bean harvest of the season!  

Black raspberries, blackberries, snow peas, green beans, broccoli, a small red onion, and garlic scapes...  I love freshly harvested, organic, food we grew ourselves in the garden!

Coming soon to my blog... 2012 Chicken coop tour photos.

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  1. Hi Joanie! I've loved checking out all your photos, feels good to be back in blogland.


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