Wednesday, January 11, 2012

State of the Garden: January

 Today was a gorgeous (and very chilly) winter day in Seattle to take a picture of the garden.  There is much work ahead for us this season.  The little building behind (and below) the garage is an old shed that the previous owner built for his garden.  First project for the 2012 garden agenda is to tear it down, so we can begin preparing the area to build the new chicken coop. In addition, all the tarp covered areas are where the new raised beds are going to be installed this spring.  Maybe late spring to early summer, as it's a big project with pulling out an old stump and bringing in compost and soil to level out the whole area.  But, SO EXCITED for our new chickens and garden expansion for this growing season! 

 If you look at our raised beds, they are topped with green vegetation.  The cover crop I sowed quite late last fall began growing right about Christmas time.  I am thrilled that it actually sprouted and is growing well.  I purchased the Organic Soil Builder from Peaceful Valley, which contains vetch, oats, peas and beans ~ all of which will be turned into the soil a couple of weeks prior to planting in the spring.  *Note:  remember to purchase the inoculant recommended.  Many people are now including "green manure" (cover crops such as crimson clover) to increase the fertility of their soil.  I decided to go with a more complex version for our garden.  I've read good reviews about this seed combination and benefit to the soil. 

A closer look at these workhouse "high nitrogen" plants.

And, I discovered the rhubarb is just beginning to burst through the soil...

Cold winter weather on the horizon, so I'll be cutting branches from our Christmas tree to cover these young plants and keep them insulated.

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