Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow and Ice...

 It doesn't snow often in the Seattle area, but occasionally the high and low pressures work together and bring us a "snow event" as it did yesterday and today...

 5 inches blanketed the garden.
This snow was powdery and didn't build up on the berry vines.

 While the blueberries had alot of snow around them, it didn't weigh down their branches which made me very glad!

 My garden flip flops were buried by our latest snow fall.

 And then we awoke this morning to a surprise:  ICE!
Once the snow stopped yesterday, freezing rain settled in and it continued throughout the night laying down a layer of ice over everything...

The Maple tree on my back deck encased in ice.

 My vanilla strawberry hydrangea is ice coated and I'm hoping it doesn't snap under the weight of the ice...

 Iced Rosemary!

My sunshine blueberries look quite different when compared to yesterday.  
I am so hoping they don't sustain any damage.

 Huckleberry icicles!

Spanish Lavender

 Asparagus Fern

1/2 inch of ice on everything.  
While the garden plants look so interesting with a coating of ice, I am hoping there is no long-term damage to anything.

My PCC Farmland Trust and Seattle Tilth "bumper stickers" look awesome through ice!

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  1. These are such beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!


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