Sunday, October 25, 2009

Portland, Oregon Day Trip

First stop of the day... Starbucks, of course (there is not a Peet's Coffee along I-5)

Woodlands, Washington ~ a town off I-5, but this isn't a Starbucks in Seattle.

The counter gal could not get my drink correct and really didn't know what I was talking about... Talked directly to barista to get it right!

Gorgeous Fall day in Portland!

Such a gorgeous setting!

A whole aisle dedicated to gluten-free products!

An example of the stone wheels they use to grind the flours...

Maybe we got a little carried away...

This store is HUGE now...

Found a King-size wool blanket (prototype) for a great price!

The awesome Navigator!

Another old favorite store! Huge fabric selection...

Thrilled to find the wool fabrics that I was searching for!

Now I have fabric for next year's Christmas stocking project... :)

A beautiful drive!

Lloyd Center (big mall) in Portland. Ready for some serious shopping!

Tired shoppers with a Jamba Juice for the road... Ready to head back home!

A really great day.


  1. That ALWAYS sounded like a fun trip to make...NOW that I SEE it, it looks more fun than it sounded...
    I would love to do that one day....

  2. I love your "day out" photos! Glad you enjoyed yourselves and found some treasures.


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