Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vita-Mix "magic"

The Vita-mix my parents got me for my birthday is amazing! It's like going from a turbo-prop plane to a 777... Wow!

I'm a 'still-in-treatment, recovering' perfectionist, so this new way of food preparation is, and shall be, challenging for me ~ for I want everything to turn out perfectly the first time (though my husband will testify that I have improved greatly over the years...). I'll be sharing as I learn new things!

Beautiful organic fruits ready to blend together in perfect harmony!


(less than 30 seconds of blending magic)

I have to put my smoothies together in the opposite order I'm used to ~ liquids first, soft ingredients and then the frozen fruit and ice...

Okay, let's try to make "rice" ice cream...

All this consists of is ~ rice milk, vanilla extract, sugar, tapioca flour and ice cubes.


It was pretty tasty... Made it for the first time last night. Blaine had tried a few days earlier, but I wanted him to go for 'all the gusto' the first time and use brown rice syrup (trying to remove refined sugar from our diet) and almond milk (we realized, afterwards, no one is making commercial almond ice cream - hmmm). Well, it didn't 'freeze up' really good ~ kinda-sorta... It's going to take quite a bit of experimenting, but I don't mind. ;o)

Now, we need to make soup next! Stay tuned...

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