Thursday, January 15, 2009

Prayers & Squares work day...

The second Saturday of each month, a few ladies gather together for our monthly Prayers and Squares workday. This established ministry (but new to our church) makes lap size quilts and we prepare them to be tied - instead of quilted, but leave the ties untied . When a prayer need ~ serious health crisis, death in the family, etc is brought to the attention of the pastoral staff; one of them contacts the person in need of prayer and asks them if they would like to receive a prayer quilt. If they agree, the pastoral staff lets the congregation know about the prayer need at a particular service and the prayer quilt is laid out for people to come and pray for that person after the service and then tie a tie (representing their prayer). When all the ties are tied, the quilt is presented to the recipient!

I pray for the 'unknown' recipient as I choose fabrics and while I sew the quilt top together. Then, 80-100 people pray for the recipient and the quilt gets "tied". That's a lot of prayer! It's a wonderful ministry and I'm really excited to see how God will develop this ministry in our church.

Here's a quick look at our January workday ~ Deborah (our group leader), Beth and I all worked on quilts. We have the added blessing of fellowship while we work. We discovered there is no heat in the workroom, so I think I'll take along my portable oil heater next month ~ on Valentine's Day!

Beth working on one of her three quilts...

Deborah working on one of her quilts (she has multiple going too). I love this pattern and want to try it myself!

...and mine! Sewing together blocks in a row. I've got two quilts I'm working on. My goal is 8-12 quilts this year. We're hoping to draw more people into this ministry ~ as prayer quilts are not only for people in our congregation, but for people in our neighborhood and people that are known by someone in our congregation or even... a friend of a friend of a friend. As long as they are willing to accept a prayer quilt as a gift from our church and have their prayer request shared publicly.

There's nothing like touching others through prayer and seeing God work in the lives of those around us!

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  1. What a wonderful ministry Joanie!

    I love how practical this gift it~your love is able to be shown to those needing prayer and love~knowing they are not alone everytime they see or use their quilt. Awesome!


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