Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sautéed Greens!

Having battled chronic illness the majority of my life ~ okay, probably my whole life and I just didn't know it.... we've made adjustments in our diet, over the years, and our latest is embracing the Autoimmune Elimination Protocol, which we began January 1st, as I have 2 diagnosed autoimmune diseases and we are currently searching to find or rule out others...  As I began learning more about living with autoimmune disease, I learned about Dr. Terry Wahl and the Wahl Protocol (a MD who battled progressive MS and put it in remission with a specific autoimmune paleo healing diet.  Her story is healing hope!)

Her vegetable recommendations include 3 cups of leafy greens, 3 cups of cruciferous veggies and 3 cups of colorful veggies/fruits DAILY!

While we have been eating organic, healthy food for many years now, we were not reaching anywhere close to this level.  Still not there yet, but we are working up to that minimum goal!  Thus, we are incorporating more greens into our diet and right now by including sautéed chard, collards and kale in the mornings with breakfast!  After purchasing, (I buy 4 bunches each of chard and collards) and after processing through our salad spinner, I store them in these 12 cup containers for the week ahead; making breakfast prep easy!  Skillet on medium with a Tbsp of coconut oil (or lard or duck fat) and continually turning them, as they cook down until reaching desired finished product - we like ours a little crispy.  Throw in some crumbled bacon or cracklings, if desired!  I crave sautéed greens now.  Addicting!

"Autoimmune" means your immune system got its function message mixed up and now thinks healthy tissue, organs, etc - depending on your disease - are foreign invaders and the immune system attacks it and causes disease to happen - no cure, but you can work to heal your body and put the disease in remission or others choose pharmaceutical meds to suppress the immune system and hope to stop the disease's progression.

We love our Zyliss salad spinner, that we purchased locally, but the newer version can be found on Amazon too (click on the photo)

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