Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our declaration!

Great word of encouragement this morning during my devotion time!  Continuing to praise God for the journey and for all the hard things He has allowed us to go through that we might learn and grow more in Him.  He is able, more than able.  

Pray our amazing Lord blesses you today.  May He provide for your every need, may He comfort you, and bless you that you may be a blessing to others...

God Calling:  June 13 - God Inspire

You have entered now upon a mountain climb. Steep steps lead upward, but your power to help others will be truly marvelous.

Not alone will you arise.  All towards whom you now send loving, pitying thoughts will be helped upward by you.

Looking to Me all your thoughts are God-inspired.  Act on them and you will be led on.  They are not your own impulses but the movement of My Spirit and, obeyed, will bring the answer to your prayers.

Love and Trust, Let no unkind thoughts of any dwell in your hearts, then I can act with all My Spirit-Power, with nothing to hinder.

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