Thursday, September 10, 2009

September garden...

Aren't these the cutiest 'little birds' you've seen... I can imagine their lovely conversation!

The crookneck squash is one of my favorite things to grow in the garden and eat...

The squash patch is dying back, but thankfully the crookneck squash is still producing (lower left corner)

My raspberry experiment (on the deck in a container). The plant is healthy, but no berries...

Lots of red raspberry jewels in the garden!

Brussel sprouts!

The queen broccoli plant is still producing ~ 2 very small heads...

We're getting a 'second wave' of green beans (and wax beans) ~ yummy!

Tuesday evenings' harvest ~ raspberries, a single blueberry and huckleberries!

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  1. It all looks great! The fruit especially appeals to me. Raspberries are so expensive - I just have to look at them....but they're SO beautiful to look at!


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