Friday, August 28, 2009

Evergreen State Fair!

What an adorable bunny! I love the way the top of his/her ears tip over. Momma rabbit's ears are straight...

New Zealand Red (breed) ~ the whole litter.
If I ever get another rabbit, I'd really consider this breed.

Enjoying kettle corn and a Purple Cow (Blaine) ~ while sitting on the bleachers at Beef judging...

I love sheep! I think it was love at first sight with Serene and I...

Can I take her home with me?

No, I didn't just reach over her pen and pet her... I know better. Her owner came up and chatted with us and I asked. She said yes.

She's so sweet. She really liked us. I really wanted to take her home...

The real reason Serene liked us was our kettle corn bag.
The rustle of the bag reminded her of the 'bread bag' sound at her home. Her owners get day old bread from Island Bakery and feed their sheep bread.

My 4-H barn! The place where I spent days and days during fair time... I really miss the kids, the people and being at fair every day!

The Purple Cow ~ the only place to get a blackberry ice cream float!

Jenny and I ~ a 4-H friend. How I miss her!
Garden superintendent and woman extraodinaire...

Jenaya showing Horton and wondering if the judge will ever stop talking and announce the winner...

Grand Champion ~ woohoo! Way to go!

My favorite Grange display!

I loved this 'educational display'...

Blaine really likes the open class canned entries...

Quilts and sewing exhibits... the Clydesdale Horse show

Spokane Interstate Fair photo button ~ probably 1980; possibly 1981

Evergreen State Fair giant photo button ~ August 28, 2009
A great way to end our day at the fair and the perfect souvenir!


  1. So glad you had a great time. I know it brought back a lot of memories.
    Love the buttons.
    No you can't have a sheep. hahaha.
    Dad going on Monday, cause it's free for him.
    You had good weather too.

  2. The button IS a great memento. I like it! I believe the challenges of your past year has built a strong bond between you and your husband. May you continue to enjoy each others company and demonstrate the strength of Christian marriage.

  3. But I want a sheep! You would have liked her if you met her... ;)

    Why is Dad going to the fair? Oh, that's right ~ to visit all the commercial buildings that I don't visit! Wonder what 'new gadget' he will bring home to you...

    Weather was nearly perfect ~ got pretty sunny, warm (a bit sweaty) while watching beef judging - but then clouds rolled in and cooled things off just right. It was sprinkling a little when we finished at the horse show... Definitely rained last night! Glad we were snug in our own beds. :)

  4. Loved the photos! Brings back memories of entering home baked goodies in our local show. My Nan used to help me bake lots and lots of entries. She used to enter all sorts of things herself, and usually won everything!


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