Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas celebration!

It's been a full couple of days... Lots of preparations, holiday meal, church services and celebrating! While I want to share some reflections from our Christmas Eve service at church ~ today, I'm sharing some pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

The day started like most others for Blaine ~ shoveling the wet, heavy snow off the driveway.

Blaine and Elizabeth cooking part of our Christmas (Eve) dinner!

Nicholas helping with dishes...

The prime rib roast ~ yum!

Decorations on the table...

Father/daughter spoons!

The feast!

Late afternoon dinner ~ as we had to leave by 4ish to make it to the 5 pm Christmas Eve service at church. We're normally 6:45 service people, but that service was cancelled due to bad weather.

Nicholas and me!

Benjamin and Blaine clearing water off the driveway prior to leaving for church...

Just me...

The road in our neighborhood

Our kids!

In the car again ~ heading to Kirstin's house and then attending Christmas Eve service at their church at 11pm...

Benjamin and Kirstin's Christmas present ~ yay for fruit smoothies!

Benjamin opening his present from Kirstin. Doesn't she look excited?!

Ahhhh... They are such an adorable couple!

My first dairy-free, gluten-free pumpkin pie made by me! It turned out very good.

Benjamin and me!

Elizabeth and me!

"Perfect" gifts from South Australia. I'm blessed beyond measure...

Elizabeth and Benjamin playing Wii Guitar Hero at 3 am Christmas morning...

Blaine and Nicholas playing Wii Guitar Hero ~ also at the 3 am hour...

Christmas gifts ~ more delightful blessings!

Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Traditions

We've been talking alot about what makes Christmas "Christmas" for our family. We had a few things that we all agreed upon and each of us has specific things that are really important too...

  • Muppet Christmas Carol and White Christmas (movies)
  • Poppy Seed Bread
  • Christmas Eve Service

Blaine ~ pumpkin bread, rotating the treetop star through the kids, and delivering goodies to the neighbors.

Benjamin ~ stated above, but I think what really makes Christmas "Christmas" for him is playing his French horn in a seasonal music production.

Elizabeth ~ Sending out Christmas cards to family and friends, making a gingerbread house and making goodies for others.

Nicholas ~ Eggnog and people around to play games.

and Me ~ Sending out Christmas cards and writing the annual Christmas letter, making goodies for the neighbors and delivering them, (and I really want) to cut our own Christmas tree and decorate the house the day after Thanksgiving...

AND, we love receiving Christmas cards, letters and pictures from others!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy 23rd Anniversary!

23 years ago today, Blaine and I were married on a very snowy and cold Saturday in Spokane, Washington. The weather today reminded us of the weekend we were married. I thought it would be so "magical" to have a Christmas season wedding. You know, early evening wedding by candlelight... It was at the time, but we find it challenging some years to actually work in time to celebrate. I'm sentimental though and Blaine's parents and my parents were both married in December ~ so we thought it would be a great way for us to honor their marriages and carry on the tradition. (I don't really recommend getting married in December ~ it's cold, the weather is unpredictable and it's a busy time of the year; though it didn't seem quite so busy all those years ago).

Anyway, we enjoyed a wonderful salmon dinner with all our children & Kirstin too ~ Blaine and I cooked. (With my kidney condition, we didn't want to chance eating out and music being loud at a restaurant and ruining the rest of our evening.)

After dinner, we headed to downtown Seattle - on very icy roads until we reached the main highway - and enjoyed 7 Brides for 7 Brothers at the 5th Avenue Theatre. I was a bit challenged by the heating/air system vibrating the first half of the show, but we were able to move down a few rows at intermission and really enjoyed the rest of the show. Fabulous show ~ wonderful dancers, amazing vocalist ~ superb sets! It was Blaine's first time to see a production there and he really enjoyed it too. I think we'll definitely go again, but will likely spend a little extra on tickets and sit a bit lower. Gorgeous old theatre...

Happy Anniversary Blaine and here's to many more...

Monday, December 1, 2008

The holiday season...

It's a really busy season here at our house, so my blogging time will be very limited over the next few weeks. I have some projects I'm trying to get completed before Christmas and a great deal of baking that needs to be done and shared with all the neighbors (it's a family tradition for us)... All this to say, I'm planning to pop in on Friday's for Anchor Friday ~ but I likely won't be on regularly until after the holidays.

I'm thinking of you all and praying this is a very joyous holiday season for everyone!